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 11 - 20 Shevat 5781 | Jan. 24 - Feb. 2, 2021

 Lake Worth, FL, Florida

Young shluchim across the globe depend on the programs of The Shluchim Office.

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There are many basic elements of Jewish life that are taken for granted, both large and small. For the majority of shluchim living outside established Jewish communities, these basics become luxuries they rarely experience. For the child of a shliach living in a small town or foreign city, spending time at an overnight camp is just one of these luxuries. They rarely have friends who understand the hardship of growing up in this environment.

The Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp (originally hosted in Oracle, Arizona and now located in South Florida) was created to fill the void, allowing children of shluchim an opportunity to spend quality time with other children who not only understand their situation but share the same challenges.