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 19-21 Shevat 5782 | Jan. 21-23 2022

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Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos - Theme Song 5781

Chassidim Ein Mishpocho


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Sister Shluchos joined together
The Rebbe’s army, what a treasure
Though we may not see each other
I am not alone

The Rebbe looks at you and me
As children in one family
Mir zeinen nisht elent
We’re never on our own

For so long the Rebbe stayed
At each rally and parade
Precious time spent joyfully
With his family

Lovingly our father smiled
Waving at every child
Nachas shining on his face
From our unity


Ein Mishpachah we’re all in
I'm the Rebbe's only kind
We're his children that’s for sure
Nothing matters more!

Like one body with one heart
Oceans can't keep us apart
Never truly far away
Together every day

When my sister’s feeling great
I will join and celebrate
and in times when she feels pain
With her I remain

Our Achdus is the key
The Rebbe's Brachos to recive
Borcheinu Avinu kulanu ke'echad