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 19-21 Shevat 5783 | Feb. 10-12 2023

 Brooklyn, NY

Young shluchos across the globe depend on the programs of The Shluchim Office.

Virtual Kinus Information:

We are excited to announce that registration for the 
Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos 5783 is now open!

The following information is for the Virtual Kinus. For information about the in-person Kinus, click here.

To register: click here.
For registration instructions, click here

It is important that you register as soon as possible, as it takes time to prepare the program and send the Kinus Box (more below) for your daughter.


To register: click here.
For registration instructions, click here

Important: The registration system is new. Please see account instructions:

  1. If you have an account from last year’s girls Kinus, you can click ‘Login Account’ 
  2. If not, Register for a NEW Tzeirei Hashluchim account.
  3. If your email matches the one registered previously in our system, you should be able to create an account and move forward right away.
  4. If not, you will get a message that we do not have the email registered yet.  
    If that’s the case, please email with the email address you would like approved, and we will approve it as soon as possible.
    We will notify you as soon as it’s approved so you can proceed with the application.

PROGRAM - INFO (Virtual Kinus)

Who: Girls in grades 1-8
Begins: Friday morning, 19 Shevat / February 10th
Continues: Motzai Shabbos
Ends: Sunday, 21 Shevat / February 12th

Exact Schedule will be released closer to the Kinus.


Tracks / time zones:

  1. English - USA East Coast
  2. English - USA West Coast
  3. English - Europe
  4. English - Australia
טופס זה מיועד לתוכנית הוירטואלית באנגלית.  למידע על התוכנית הוירטואלית בעברית, לחצו כאן.

The program will include an interactive experience with other Young Shluchim, engaging activities, rally and writing to the Ohel, prizes, shows, and topped off with a grand banquet.

Registration can include a full Kinus Box with T-shirt, items needed for activities, gifts and prizes, etc. if selected, see below.


Shipping is available in the USA

International Shipping not available


To register: click here.
For registration instructions, click here

The actual Virtual Kinus costs are $110 per child.
If you are in a position to pay full tuition this would be greatly appreciated.

General donations and sponsorships towards the Kinus can also be made HERE.

Virtual Kinus - Full Tuition - Thank you! - $110

Virtual Kinus and Kinus Box:

Before 29 Teves / Jan 22

Virtual Kinus & Kinus Box - $49 - CH Pickup*

Virtual Kinus & Kinus Box  - $49 - Free USA shipping
---No International Shipping---

1-7 Shevat / Jan 22-29
Virtual Kinus & Kinus Box - $49CH Pickup*
Virtual Kinus & Kinus Box - $49+ $10 USA shipping
---No International Shipping---

8-14 Shevat / Jan 30-Feb 5
Virtual Kinus & Kinus Box - $49CH Pickup
 ---No Shipping Available ---

Only Kinus Box (No Virtual Kinus):

Kinus Box - $29 - CH Pickup*

Kinus Box - $29 - $10 USA shipping

Deadlines above applicable

*Boxes are available for pickup in Crown Heights starting AFTER 7 Shevat / Jan 29. 
Pickup will be at the Shluchim Office in Crown Heights. 

Only Virtual Kinus (No Kinus Box):

Sign up by 14 Shevat / Feb 5th

 Virtual Kinus - $20


Assistance With Registration:
Call us at 718-221-0500 x 0 or

To register: click here.
For registration instructions, click here

Once your registration is complete, you will receive periodic updates with additional information as we get closer to the Kinus.